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What Students are Saying


Since I found out about Shmacked I haven’t stopped ordering, and I’m not even mad about it 🤩




Late night munchies with VIP service for $1.95! You can’t beat the consistent and professional service from their amazing student delivery team.


Love using Shmacked for sodas and juul pods!! They literally delivered me pods in less than 6 mins!!!


Shmacked has a less than $2 delivery fee and gets here in less than 15 minutes. That’s not even my review, that’s just the facts!!


Just ordered Shmacked in the middle of lecture and literally didn’t have to move! Now everyone in my class orders constantly 😂


Shmacked is honestly the most friendly delivery service I have ever used. They get it right every single time, customer service is definitely a 10/10


Consistent above and beyond service! Great for ordering items when you’re busy with homework or hanging out at home. They also deliver right to your door 🤯 so I feel so much safer not having to walk to Shell at night!


This mans fell off his scooter but still made it in time superb service LOVE SHMACKED


Just timed my delivery and the rider got here in less than 3 mins!!!!


Love ordering Shmacked when I’m shmacked, lol, it’s just so easy to use! Haven’t been to a convenience store in weeks bc of Shmacked.

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Shmacked offers unmatched convenience by delivering everything from snacks, drinks, nicotine, and alcohol in less than 15 minutes! Don’t believe us, prepare to have your mind blown.

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As a Shmacked Rider, you’ll have the opportunities to create a flexible schedule, bond with fellow students, and get paid for riding around campus! What’s not to love?

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Shmacked is all about energy, excitement, and entertainment. College is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we wanna help you make the most of it through our convenient delivery, popular merch, and sponsored events.

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